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Advanced Payroll System

Salary Query and Reporting - salary information which can be edited by HR & viewed by Employee or by Accounts.

Financial Website

A polished website like this ready to promote your financial company.

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Welcome to Guiness IT Services

Guiness Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is an information technology company, providing a wide range of customized software and web development solutions. It consists of a team of dedicated, highly skilled & experienced software professionals focused on providing state of the art IT solutions. We share a common vision of growth, and we believe in what we do.

We believe in utilizing technology to make things simple and easy to use. We also believe in thinking ahead and delivering products or services that can adapt to evolving technologies.

Our prime focus is to provide innovative & convenient solutions, enabling clients to benefit from our services.


I would definitely recommend Guiness ites for a company that’s looking for an outsourced product development solution with talented employees and a great work culture.

— Patricia Jones, LA